To Make Jesus Known and Loved

Marie Rivier

To Make Jesus Known and Loved

Marie Rivier


How and Why?

We live out this mission in Saskatchewan, first through our prayer life and then through all the different ways we serve the people.

“To make Jesus Christ known and loved everywhere!”

We try to be an “open gospel” for all those we meet in the different ways we serve Christ’s people.

how we serve

how we serve


Sisters of the Presentation

Mother Maria dos Agnos

Mother Maria dos Anjos Alves

General Superior

Building God`s Kingdom by being a Servant of God!

Administration 2019

Provincial Council

Provincial Council (L-R):
Sr. Lucie Hamel
Sr. Mary Woodward
Sr. Lise Paquette (Provincial Superior)
Sr. Priscilla Houde (Provincial Assistant)
Sr. RéAnne Létourneau

General council 2018

General Council

(from left to right) – Sister Kelly Connors, Province of the United States – Sister Claudette Casavant, Province of Prince Albert, Canada – Sister Ginette Badiane, Province of Senegal – Mother Maria dos Anjos Alves, Province of Portugal – Sister Hortencia Fernando Tivane, Province of Mozambique – Sister Louise Benoit, Province of Quebec – Sister Charito Gorgonio, Province of the Philippines

upcoming and current events and news

news & events


“I leave you as heritage, the spirit of prayer.” Marie Rivier

At the heart of our existence
is the mystery of our relationship with God,
the mystery of prayer.
It is in this inexpressible relationship of faith
that our consecration finds its full meaning
and that our essential mission in the Church is realized:
the service and the praise of God.
In prayer our life finds its joy,
the secret of its fullness and fruitfulness.
Therefore, we give prayer
its full measure in our life. (Rule of Life, C50)

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Prayer Requests

As part of our call to spiritual motherhood, we carry the world in prayer. Send us your intentions! READ MORE


Our Sisters offer different retreats (for Advent, Lent, Ignatian Discernment Retreats and Come & See weekends). Please contact the Sisters for more information.

Come & See

If you would like to have a Come & See retreat or a live-in-experience with the Sisters in order to help discern your vocation, please contact the Sisters near you to discuss your desires.

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