Hi, my name is Sr. Cindy…and I am a Sister with the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary. This is my story of my first year of formation. As a novice, I study our congregation’s spirituality, the vows, theology and live in community. Although my life plan is to give my life to God as a religious, I did not always envision this for myself.

I come from Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, the second oldest of eight children, and was brought up in a strong Catholic faith and tradition. This was engrained in me from early on, as well as a desire to be close to God. However, I also longed for an extraordinary life, and thought this could be found in some glamorous or exciting career.

In university, most of my energies were channelled into discerning what that might be. But nothing held my interest or motivation and commitment. Everyone else seemed to know what they wanted, where their niche was, but I didn’t. Constant changing of majors and career choices left me frustrated. Aside from this, I devoted more time to a dating relationship, and even considered marriage. But I did not feel at peace with this, and decided to end it instead.

One day, out of curiosity, I sent away for information regarding religious life, and received many pamphlets from different orders. As I read the lifestyles and missionary work of sisters, I became excited. Surprised, I wondered: could this be the life I’ve been searching for?

I moved into the Discernment House of Saskatoon, a place where one could discern vocations and live in community of faith with sisters, and other young women. In this environment, and working with a spiritual director, I discovered that I felt at peace with idea of religious life, and this particular community. The Word of God also confirmed for me that: this is the way…walk in it. Is. 30:26.

God has given me a great gift. There have already been many exciting opportunities in the past year that I never dreamed possible before. I have had the chance to go on mission in Africa, am involved with social justice awareness, and the youth. Believe me, it is not less of life, but more!

My search for an extraordinary life is finally taking shape. I look forward to growing in my relationship with God, and walking with Him in this new way of life.