Testimonies from the participants:

“I really enjoyed the community/fellowship. As well, I grew in my faith and in knowledge of self.”

“Thank you for everything. I am so grateful for the immense gift of this weekend and I will certainly spread the news about it to friends.”

“This weekend was hard but the good kind of hard. The kind of hard that God’s presence consumes. I pray that many hearts may pass through these doors to experience the weekend God has planned for them. Thanks so much”

“An incredibly difficult but good weekend full of reliving and letting go of the past.”

“Thank you so much for the retreat this weekend! The peaceful hospitality and joyful witness you offered was beautiful and appreciated. This weekend, it was revealed to me that God wants me to ‘discover’. Discover Him and who He is in me.”

“I experienced truth and peace this weekend. I was brought to another step of surrender and a deepening in the gift of prayer. I know God has done more then I even am aware of yet. Jesus was purely present.”