On July 21st 2018, Sister Mary May Lausier p.m. from the United States province came to Canada to animate a six day retreat for the Sisters of The Presentation of Mary of Prince Albert.

Sister Mary May is well known in our Congregation. She is renowned for writing the 4 volumes “In Joyful Haste’ on the life and spiritual heritage of Mother Marie Rivier, the foundress of the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary.

The theme of the retreat was “Mother Rivier’s Prophetic Vision, its call and challenges for today”.

At every conference Sister Mary was always on fire as she shared the new discoveries and informations that she had found about the charism of Mother Rivier.

She gave examples of how this powerful woman, Mother Rivier walked with God in her everyday life and the love and trust she had for the Blessed Virgin Mary.

She emphasized how Mother Rivier’s mission in the church was the same as ours today, to live the charism and “Make Jesus Christ known for the service of the church and the building of the kingdom”.

“Be on fire, lean on Jesus, and trust in Mary”.