smallest group

On September 22nd to the 25th, 2018, we had the joy of receiving Vanessa Whitburn from England. Vanessa said, “I had been hoping to come to Prince Albert so as to see the area and convent where my wonderful Secondary School Teacher retired and lived. Her name was Sister Louise Aimée who had lived and taught in Marcelin, Prince Albert, Spiritwood and Duck Lake.” Sr. Louise Aimée had been Vanessa’s teacher at Mount St Mary’s Convent in Exeter, U.K. in the 1960’s before returning to Prince Albert in the late 1970’s”.

It was Vanessa’s first trip to the Canadian West! She invited her friend, Jennifer Wilson from South Africa to travel with her. They visited with Sr. Emma, Sr. Louise Aimée’s niece in Saskatoon; they visited the graveyard where her wonderful teacher was buried. Both Vanessa and Jennifer loved the vast spaces and wide horizons of the prairies. Both entertained us with stories of their homeland, South Africa and Southern U.K.

Their short but thoroughly enjoyable visit came to an end on Tuesday September 25th. We blessed them as they left Saskatchewan for Vancouver and then back to their native land.