Prince Albert, Canada
October 25th 2018

Sister Cecile Lenovaz, p.m. arrived from the Gambia to Prince Albert in June. A true missionary, she has dedicated her life there for 50 years. She has drawn many people closer to Jesus and has spread the Good News in her milieu, reaching to those who desperately needed Christ. Once the Holy Spirit has drawn them, she encourages them to live according to Jesus’ teaching.

During her stay in the Gambia, she was part of a Pastoral team with Sr.Philomena, a Cluny Sister, and Father Grimes. They prepared many catechists who could then return to their own villages to evangelize their people in their own language. The team also introduced a new catechism in all the schools and trained the teachers.

On World Mission Sunday, the Sisters of the Presentation offered Sister Cecile a statue of Mary and a golden Rosary made by Mr. Denis Poirier, originally from Duck Lake, the home town of S .Cecile. Father Maurice Fiolleau blessed these and urged Sr. Cecile to bring them to the Sisters in the Gambia in the name of the Prince Albert Province as a gift for their 50th anniversary of the foudation of the mission in Gambia.

We wish Sister Cecile a happy return to her mission and we will accompany her in heart and spirit as she celebrates this Golden Jubilee.

May you continue evangelizing and spreading the charism of Mother Marie Rivier
“to make Jesus Christ known and loved everywhere.”

We joyfully give praise to the Lord for your presence in our midst during these summer months. What fond memories of Africa will be ours to share, after your departure for your mission!

May God shower you with his choicest blessings as you travel to your “warm country” of Africa. We wish you countless blessings as you bring Christ to the
people you love so well.

May the Lord bless and keep you!