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On March 30, 2019, we had the joy of welcoming a group of 13 high school Japanese students from Himeji, Japan.  These students attend the high school “Kenmei Joshi Gakuin” run by the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary.  The school accommodates about 700 to 800 students.  They were accompanied by their teacher Ayuko Tamaoka.  The first sisters went to Japan from St. Hyacinth, Quebec and opened a high school in Himeji in 1951.

On the girls’ winter break they came to Canada on March 20th to learn English, especially verbal English, as well as some Canadian culture and sharing their own. During the day they attended St. Mary’s high school.  On Saturday they visited the Sisters at the convent of Prince Albert.  They took time to chat with them, entertain them with some Japanese songs and enjoyed lunch with them.  Their departure was on April 3rd to go back home and start a new school year on April 8th.

We are very grateful for their presence and hope that they experienced our western prairies of Canada.  May our friendship be a bond of fraternity!

This was a good experience for the girls and a joy for all the Sisters!

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