Sunday, June 2, 2019 

Jesus appeared to his disciples many times during forty days after his resurrection, teaching them and preparing them for their ministry after he would be gone.  They were now better able to begin to understand and believe what this Resurrection was all about.

…. And then what?

According to the Gospel of Saint Luke, Jesus led the disciples as far as Bethany, the hometown of Martha, Mary and Lazarus.  Good things had happened there – many memories to hold dear.

Then! Jesus gave his last instructions, blessed the disciples and withdrew from them, promising to send help so they would know exactly what they needed to do and say when he would be gone.  While Jesus withdrew from them, they worshipped him even as they looked on in amazement and then returned to Jerusalem.  

It’s a wonder they were not grieving his departure, but Jesus had promised them he would send them his Spirit to help them in proclaiming the Good News.

They must have been ready for this moment, since they were filled with great joy, and remained “continually in thetemple blessing God” (Luke 24.53). Here began the task of spreading the Good News; but wait!  They were continually in the temple.  How could they announce the Good News of the Kingdom of God to all nations here?  It was a moment for further interiorizing the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus; waiting in faith, joy and hope for the Father to send them the Spirit as their advocate.

Next Sunday, we read the account of what happened then….

Have a good week basking in the joy of the Resurrection, of the Ascension, learning to wait in joyful hope…Alleluia!

Submitted by Sr. Janice Fournier