The family is identified as the basic unit that exists at the heart of all societies.

Jesus of Nazareth himself was born into a human family.

Pope John Paul II says ‘the future of humanity passes by the way of the family’.

When we think of the Trinity, Father, Son and the Holy Spirit we recognize that it is ONE in a family relationship of love. So we can follow the example of the Trinity. The Christian family is a communion of persons, an image of the Trinity.

By our baptism we are united in the community with God, in the Bible it says ‘when two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in their midst. Mt. 18.20

Families get together to pray, to thank God for the blessings bestowed on them and seek help and guidance in times of need.

Life is a precious gift from God.  It is where we learn and act on our values, but this depends on families being together for extended periods of time, where each member is properly taken care of, supported and encouraged in their daily lives.

On this Family Day, may God the Father embrace each one of you with his equal measure of love, and may you love each other and your neighbors so as to create peaceful families and communities.

Have a wonderful day with your families.


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