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March 14, 2020

 As requested by our associates, we (S. Emma Rousseau and S. Lucie Hamel) prepared and offered a day of prayer and reflection on the theme”A Home for Spirit / Seeing everything twice”


We began with Joseph and Jesus working in their Nazareth carpentry shop and Joseph teaching Jesus his life learning’s.  “Remember, Jesus, whatever we’re making, along with it, we’re always making a home for Spirit.  The best way to begin is to clear a space, and the best way to clear a space is to stop the mind from judging.  Go slow.  Judgment stops the appearance of more.  It closes possibilities.  

Love takes the beam out of your own eye.  Making a home for Spirit is an endless adventure.  So see everything twice Jesus.  See it once with the physical eye and then see it again with the eye of the heart.  At first glance, you often see an uneven and unusable piece of wood.  You may be about to throw it away.  But do not be fooled by surface appearances.  Look deeper.  On second glance, you may see a lovely arm of a chair hidden in its shape.   When you see the loveliness, embrace it.  Take it into your home, Jesus.  Be obedient to love.”  The boy listened. (John Shea.)

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Looking deeper….  Asking questions.  Being obedient to love.


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“Teach me Lord to bring all of my life into the stillness of prayer”

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Continue celebrating God’s covenantal never-ending love.


Here are some of the messages received since the retreat affirming that we were instruments of God’s generous love.

“Thanks for the retreat.  God certainly showed up, big time.”

“Thank you for preparing the day of retreat. I was so blessed by the day of prayer.”

“Thank you for the retreat you lead us through a couple of weeks ago.  I am not sure you realize how profound that day was for me and all of us.  What a preparation for this time of isolation, meditation and prayer for ourselves and the World.”