On December 8th 2020, feast of the Immaculate Conception, Pope Francis declared December 8th 2020 – December 8th 2021, THE YEAR OF SAINT JOSEPH to highlight the 150th Anniversary of St. Joseph as patron of the universal Church. 

Saint Joseph is not often mentioned in the Bible but he is loved and admired by many Christians. A humble, simple carpenter, he accepted to marry the Virgin Mary and adopt her child after being told in a revelation that the baby was the Son of God who was to be named Jesus. This he did and became the protector of the Holy Family, to be remembered as a man of deep faith and humility. 

His main feast is celebrated on March 19th and his name is now mentioned during every mass. He has been named the patron of workers, especially the carpenters, and is invoked for many causes such as daily protection, happy marriage, good death, as well as for selling and buying houses. Many churches, sanctuaries, colleges and religious communities proudly carry the name of Joseph. 

To discover more interesting facts about this holy man, you will enjoy reading Pope Francis’ latest Apostolic Letter: YEAR OF ST. JOSEPH. 


Prayer to St. Joseph 

Remember, O most pure spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 
 my great protector, St. Joseph, that no one had recourse 
to your protection, or implored your aid without obtaining relief. 

Confiding therefore in your goodness, I come before you. 
Do not turn down my petitions, foster father of the Redeemer,
but,  graciously receive them. AMEN 

                                (Mont Royal (Montreal)