The Infirmary Sisters of Prince Albert are now living in a new building since December 13, 2017.

Our main Mission is Prayer and Hospitality.


Prayer is very important.  Our foundress Mother Rivier left us with these words:

“I leave you as heritage, the spirit of prayer.” Marie Rivier


Every day we pray Lauds, Vespers and the Rosary together.  Our intentions include prayers for the Church, for the Congregation, for those who have requested us to pray for them, for the sick in the Congregation and throughout the world (especially during the COVID pandemic) and for other intentions for which people ask us.

When the priest celebrates the Eucharist with us, the Front Room becomes our big chapel.  On the days we do not have mass, we unite ourselves to the Communion of Saints via the Daily TV Mass.

We also pray together before the exposed Blessed Sacrament once a week.

‘I thank you Lord, with all my heart, I recite your marvels one by one,                                                                                                                                                                           I rejoice and exult you, I sing praise to your name, Most High’ (Ps.9)

Community Life

Our prayer time together energizes and supports the vibrant community life we experience here.  Joy, compassion, gratitude, and love permeate our daily activities and interactions / relationships.  Our interactions with one another are an important aspect of our ministry/apostolate here.

During the month each sister is celebrated on her birthday which includes – Mass said at her intentions, special settings at table and singing “Bonne Fête” / “Happy Birthday”.  Several 90th birthdays – and one 99th! — have been celebrated here.  These seniors continue to be active and keep us on our toes!

Some Activities

The activities – games, crafts, etc. guided by the staff – are a great way to share our gifts, to brighten our surroundings by painting Birdhouses, working in the raised gardens in the back yard.  Our beautiful back yard is conducive to appreciating nature.

Some other activities we do are butter making, baking muffins and cookies together.  Some of us like working together, art and craft activities.  We look forward to resuming our “full” range of activities.

Some of us like working on puzzles together, playing bells, card games and take walks in the neighborhood.


Many visitors have seen and commented on the joy and peace that exists in our community.  Our visitors brighten our days and give us further motives for intercessory prayer.  They provide us with an occasion to interact with many people.

On Easter Day during Covid 19 isolation, the Provincial House Sisters brought large posters expressing us their Easter wishes to be viewed through the windows.

During the Pandemic, we are in lockdown, so visitors remain on the other side of the windows.  Some have received “window visits” in their room once the snow left us.

Our home has a room large enough for the whole province to meet together for community events.