Celebrating 225 Years

On this beautiful feast day of November 21st, we celebrate with fervor the Presentation of Mary at the temple.  With great joy, we also celebrate the 225th anniversary of Marie Rivier’s foundation of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary, started in Thueyts, France, during the French Revolution.

Due to her great faith and courage, her congregation is now present in 18 different countries in the world.  During her life time, she placed all her trust in God and had a great devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.  She obtained everything from her by reciting the rosary.  Her motto was:

“Make Jesus Christ known and loved”.

With Mary, we praise and give thanks to God for the 225 years of our Congregation. MAGNIFICAT!

We, the Sisters are very grateful for Marie Rivier’s vision: “My daughters will one day cross the seas”.

We place in God’s loving hands the past, the present, the challenges of the future as we continue our journey in the prairies since 1903. We stand in awe for the Lord’s continual fidelity.

We take this opportunity to give thanks to our associates, friends, and the clergy who have journeyed with us in Western Canada. Your support is greatly appreciated.

We ask Mother Rivier the ‘Woman Apostle’, who proclaimed the Gospel everywhere she went, to intercede for all of us and to grant us her love for the Virgin Mary.