Let us stay close to the Virgin Mary throughout all this time from Christmas to Epiphany, and let Jesus talk to our hearts. He wants to tell us that to love is possible. Communion is possible despite all the difficulties and hindrances. All things are possible for God! (cf Mt 19:26) All conversions, all rebirths are possible because they do not depend on us; the only condition is that we be truly poor.

We must silence endless arguments, negative judgments, the need to find fault with everything—all ways of barricading our heart, of closing the door to love, of stifling the desire for communion within us. But it is well worth the trouble of emptying and cleansing the entrances to the heart so that we may begin to breathe the immensity of God—the Spirit of God. Then everything becomes clear, simple, and obvious. We see things from within—the way God sees them. It is the secret of happiness—one we know through experience.

Let us ask God to give us the enlightened eyes of the heart, of which St. Paul speaks (cf Eph 1:18) eyes with which we can see both near and far; eyes that enable us to see into the heart of words and actions, situations and events; eyes that can see into the heart of the Church and the world, into the heart of mission—a mission that is always urgent and demanding, but so beautiful!

– Mother Jean-Théophane, p.m.

A Return to the Heart, p.371-374

May Mary and soon to be proclaimed Saint Marie Rivier be with us, helping us to open the inn of our hearts to Jesus this Christmas Season, and to let His Word permeate our Lives and all our relationships this New Year!