A ‘Care of Creation’ day retreat was facilitated by Sister Rita Bisson and Sister Diane Lajeunesse, Srs. of the Presentation of Mary. A group of indigenous and non-indigenous women were present for a day of prayer/reflection/songs and sharing.                                                                              

Songs used for this retreat were about Creation e.g. Canticle of the Sun and Touch the Earth by Kathy Sherman.

A video was shown and afterwards the participants did some personal reflections. One of the reflection questions was: What are the implications of this reflection to how we tread upon this earth and our commitment to sustainability?

 Fellowship followed during lunch time.

Centering Prayer was then introduced and practiced for 20 minutes.

The group reflected on a few paragraphs from the Pope Francis’ letter Laudato Si.

Everyone was then given a mini plant. They were sent for a quiet time to begin a relationship with their plant – talk to it, find out more about it using google on their phones. They were encouraged to compose a song or a poem or a prayer about their experience with their plant. They then took it home to continue to care for it.

 Comments by the participants:

 “Beneficial to my spiritual life”

“Very comfortable and enjoyable day”