The morning of February 13th dawned bright as we celebrated the Eucharist offered by Sr. Sidonie’s family and celebrated by Fr. Michael Averyt.

Sister Sidonie had the privilege to have a twin sister named Marguerite, and five others, brothers and sisters who have all joined the choir of angels. She was blessed with many talents, loving and serving as an excellent teacher, a nurse, a librarian as well as sharing her gifts helping our sisters in different countries: England, Italy and Switzerland.

17 Sisters joined us from our Western Province and several staff members were present at our infirmary for a light afternoon snack and some good conversation and fun to celebrate our centenarian, whose birth date is on Valentines’ Day. This is an incredible milestone!

Due to the Pandemic, the party was kept simple. Sr. Sidonie received messages from our General Superior Mère Marie des Anges, our Bishop Stephen Hero, our Provincial Superior Sr. Lise Paquette as well as from several other dignitaries. Her family from British Columbia could not attend but sent their warmest congratulations.

Sr. Sidonie was beaming with joy as the many messages of congratulations were read. Several sisters recalled fond memories they had of Sr. Sidonie. Some mentioned her prayer life; her love of Jesus Christ and her desire to make Him known and loved. God was her strength! She has been faithful to her call to religious life for 79 years. What a remarkable achievement for which we join her to give praise to God.

During the party a video “Un évangile ouvert” was shown and a few songs were sung; a beautiful one entitled, “O, Mère, je suis ton Enfant”.  With no hesitation and with a grateful heart S. Sidonie than thanked everyone for their kind words and fellowship.

On Valentine’s Day, mass was again celebrated for her intentions.  The noon meal was simple but very delicious.  At 2:30 we received three Sisters, Fr. Maurice Fiolleau and some staff members who came to congratulate Sr. Sidonie and shared with her the heart-shaped birthday cakes.  Both days of celebrations were very simple but filled with joy and fraternal love.

May Marie Rivier and the Blessed Virgin Mary accompany her as she continues to walk in the awesome presence of the Lord who surrounds her daily with His love and countless blessings.

The Lord says: I will espouse you to me forever in love and mercy, and fidelity
Hosea 2;16, 22-23