This Sunday, Palm or Passion Sunday is the day when the Church celebrates the entry of Christ into Jerusalem to accomplish his paschal mystery before His death and His resurrection. During his triumphant entry, Christ rode on a colt which symbolizes humility. The people surrounded him with palms shouting “Hosanna”.

                     “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord,”

This time before Easter is a time for fasting and praying on how we can follow Jesus in His footsteps.

As we enter the final days of Lent let us prepare our hearts and remember Jesus’ prayer from the cross for forgiveness for those who placed Him there. We can thank him for bearing our sins and forgiving us every day.

                My dear Jesus, please increase my faith. 

Let us welcome Jesus into our lives and think of the events that took place on those holy days. Passion, suffering, forgiveness and love. Jesus died to redeem us. Let us take time this week and reflect on how the passion of Jesus can change our lives and have a different outlook on suffering.

                         “This man was the Son of God.”