MAY 1521ST, 2022

Our Foundress Mother River will be proclaimed a saint with nine others on Sunday, by Pope Francis.   Many Sisters of the Presentation of Mary from different countries, friends, associates and families will be going for the celebration. From the Prince Albert province, the sisters: Emma Rousseau, Diane Lajeunesse, Viviane Gareau, Lucie Hamel and Lise Paquette, Superior Provincial will join in.

On the early morning of Sunday, the Canonization celebration of our foundress Mother Rivier will be live-streamed on the Vatican site. It can be seen on Salt and Light, EWTN and on Google-the holy See-www.

We are excited for them as they leave on Thursday, we will accompany them with our prayers and follow you on T.V. May the Holy Spirit be your guide as you travel to Rome and to France. We wish you well, may you have a fantastic trip to Mother Rivier country, hope to see you return healthy and happy. You’ll be missed by all of us until you return. Bon voyage!

May the Saints of God accompany you.

Emma Rousseau

Diane Lajeunesse

Viviane Gareau

Lucie Hamel

Lise Paquette