We wish them well with the school and Bible College.


Sisters of Presentation mark ‘bittersweet’ sale of Rivier Academy. 

Sep 13, 2022 | 8:39 AM 

The building that for decades housed Rivier Academy has been sold. 

The Sisters of the Presentation told City council that the property was sold towards the end of August. 

Sister Lise Paquette told paNOW that while they have sold the building, they will still be active in the city. 

“It’s bittersweet. It’s a sale that had to happen because of the transitions that we need to live,” she said. “We don’t have many sisters who are teachers anymore.” 

The group has 39 sisters, including three in other parts of the world, but needed to move to a smaller venue. 

“We are not moving out of Prince Albert. Our mission will continue in Prince Albert, we will just be in a smaller home. Our administration will continue in a smaller building on Lakeview,” said Paquette. 

The building has been sold to another Christian group, the Canadian Revival Centre Corporation, which, according to its website, also runs a Kindergarten to grade 12 independent schools and a Bible College. 

“They do have a school; the school is up and running right now. It’s nice to see children back in the building and going to school,” Paquette said. We hope this can continue for the betterment of Prince Albert and surroundings.” 

The Sisters and the school has been a staple in Prince Albert for decades and have passed 70 years of existence 

Earlier this year, Sister Marie Rivier, whom the school was named after, was canonized by the Catholic Church. 

Mayor Greg Dionne told the two Sisters who were at Monday’s executive committee meeting that despite the late nights and length of time it took to see the building sold, they will remain a part of the city. 

“We’ll always acknowledge them; they’ll always be in our hearts because they are a major part of our history. I just want to wish them the best in their retirement and the next phase of their life,” said Dionne. 

Rivier Academy closed in 2017 and the 100 students that attended were transferred to St. Mary High School. 

Several other groups have discussed buying it but the potential sales did not happen. 

By Susan McNeil    paNow