On November 19, 2022, the Sisters of Prince Albert bid farewell to their missionary sister, Sister Cecilia, Sister of the Presentation of Mary. 

Sister Cecilia has been in The Gambia for over 50 years, evangelizing and spreading the Good News of the Gospel, teaching the people how to follow Christ and get closer to God. Every day she sees these radiant faces going through life, trying to change their lives. Her ministry is to share and read the Word of God so they can grow in their relationship with God. Sister Cecilia’s message of hope modeled on Christ, gives support and joy to the Gambians. 

Before leaving, S. Cecilia took the opportunity to share her life, spirituality and her missionary work with us, with her family and friends. We were enriched by her words of wisdom as she shared the culture of the Africans. 

We wish her a good trip back home to the Gambia. We certainly will keep her and her missionary work in our prayers so that she may continue “to make Jesus Christ known and loved everywhere”. We wish her happiness and much success in her mission! 

We would also like to wish Sister Mary Woodward, our new Provincial superior, a good trip to Castel, Italy, where she will meet with our General Council. May she enjoy the summer weather there.