Marie was canonized on May 15th, 2022 by Pope Francis. 

In 2015 a little girl called Angel Marie Rivier Gegamo from the Philippines was cured through the intercessions of Marie Rivier. 

Marie Rivier herself, as a young child, was cured by Mary’s intercession. During her life time she obtained everything through Mary’s intercession. 

Let us intercede for our own lives and for others. 

SAINT MARIE RIVIER, pray for us 

  • woman of deep faith, who believed in the promises of Christ, obtain for us a spirit of prayer and show us the way to Jesus Christ. 
  • help us to be on fire to announce the Word of God to others. 
  • help us to be an open gospel. 
  • give us patience in our daily routines. 
  • help us to have a great love for the poor, that we may recognize Jesus Christ in them. 
  • obtain for us your spirit of the beatitudes and spirit of adoration. 
  • you often prayed in front of the Pieta, help us to confide all our problems and distress to Jesus. 
  • help us to seek God, count on him and to walk in his presence. 


  • thank you for your love and devotion that you had for the Blessed Virgin Mary and for encouraging us to say the rosary. 
  • we thank you for your deep love of Our Lady’s presence in the whole Congregation. 
  • thank you for giving us your zeal to spread the good news to everyone. 
  • thank you Saint Marie Rivier for your passionate love for Jesus Christ. 
  • thank you Saint Marie Rivier for your passion to make Jesus Christ known through the schools that you opened during your life time. 
  • thank you for the great love you had for your community, to keep unity you sent letters to the sisters and encouraged them to follow Jesus Christ. 
  • thank you for placing all your trust in Jesus Christ at the beginning of the congregation and during the difficult times. 
  • thank you Saint Marie Rivier for letting your sisters travel abroad to evangelize and carry everywhere the fire of the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ. 
  • thank you Saint Marie Rivier for answering the call to religious life and for starting the new Congregation of the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary. 
  •  thank you Lord for Marie Rivier’s canonization, one year ago. 

We love all that Marie Rivier so passionately loved: Jesus Christ, his Mother Mary, the Church, the Eucharist, the Cross, the Beatitudes, the poor children and the youth.