Our best wishes go out to S. Hilda, our missionary in Lima, Peru, as we say farewell to her for this year. She has been with us for a few months; resting, visiting families and friends, participating in our community events etc. We enjoyed her friendship!

 We are one family; it is good to continue creating loving communities and lasting relationships with our sisters. Together we can be witnesses to the unity that God desires for our community and for the world. We saw the unity which is a sign of God’s grace at work in every person.

While Sister Hilda was with us, she shared a video showing her missionary life, the work and culture of the Peruvians. Very interesting! We were enriched by her words of wisdom and knowledge.  It is good to learn and know the life of another country where our missionaries live.

Her mission is to spread the charism of our foundress, Saint Mother Rivier, to evangelize and spread the Word of God.                                                                         

She promotes the education of the faith, and encourages the people in the church to work and walk together. She helped to build a school in Peru where children could attend school.

Like Saint Marie Rivier, may she continue to spread the fire of God’s love and the knowledge of Jesus Christ everywhere.

“To make Jesus Christ known and loved everywhere!”

 We wish her happiness and much success in her mission. We await her next visit.

May the Holy Spirit inspire and guide her towards the future, may he teach her the way to follow Christ.

From Canada we say,

‘Peace be with you!’