On August 18, 2023 a young man called George Leberio from Prince Albert Sk. came to share with the Sisters the story of his vocation as he continues to be a seminarian with the community of the Companions of the Cross in Ottawa.

The founder of that community is Fr. Bob Bedard who centered his life with a burning desire to love and know Christ.  It is the cross that is the center of his adventure in Christ.  For him, Jesus is the risen Lord, who reveals himself to him through the Holy Spirit.  He transforms him to give him a new life for his mission.  For him, the Church is ‘explosively’ alive.

Having a Christian background, it made it easy for George to recognize the call of God in his life. He took time to reflect in front of the Blessed Sacrament, “I want to be close to Jesus every day; I want a life of peace, joyful and mostly alive’. He attended the CCO conferences and found very powerful the topic of reconciliation and how the Lord spoke to him.

Being part of the Companions of the Cross community he renews his promises every year, now in his 3rd year as a seminarian.  He asks for our prayers as he renewed his vows again on August 28 this year.

He found in this community what he was searching for,’ a Jesus ‘that will fulfill his heart desires. ‘I will go Lord if You lead me, I will hold your people in my heart’.

We offer our prayers for George that he may become faithful and generous as God calls him to this ministry of priesthood.  May the transforming power of the Holy Spirit fill his heart with hope as he continues to follows Jesus’ footsteps in his new mission.

“I know the plans I have in mind for you, says the Lord. Plans for peace and not for woe. If you seek me, you will find me. If you seek me with your whole heart, I will let you find me” (Jeremiah 29:13)

Sisters of the Presentation of Mary: Sk., Canada

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