Consecrated Life

All for God, All through Holy love! (Our motto)

Our vocation to the consecrated life is a gift of our whole being to God.   A vow is a solemn promise made freely as an individual gives his or her life to God. Sisters, brothers and religious community priests take vows to give their lives…

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Sisters of the Presentation of Mary are there in Canada / the world today?

1100 PM Sisters throughout the world on four continents and in 19 countries:

The Americas: Canada, United States, Peru, Brazil

Europe: France, Switzerland, England, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy

Africa: Senegal,…

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Building God`s Kingdom by being a Servant of God!

Jesus is the model for Christian leader's. What is revealed in his teachings and his life speaks to all believers who serve as leader's; it shapes the way in which they understand their roles and act as people who can transform the world. In…

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