The Congregation of the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary is an international apostolic religious community founded in 1796 by Blessed Marie Rivier in France.  We are serving in nineteen countries of the world and are committed to spreading the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ everywhere.   Our primary mission is twofold: 1) Education of the faith and 2) reaching out to the poor with compassion. Our zeal is rooted in a deep interior life of prayer nourished by scripture and the Eucharist.  Our prayer life helps us to seek and find God in all things, allowing us to live in every situation our motto:  All for God, All through Holy love!  By means of a rich community life, we help one another grow in holiness.  Like most religious communities, we take the three traditional vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.  A vow is a serious promise made before God.  We live by our constitutions known as our Rule of Life; we have used quotations from it throughout our site. 

Each religious congregation has a charism.  A charism is a gift from God given for the service of the church that helps the congregation focus on the mission.  The mission is the purpose that its members hope to accomplish while living in community.  In summary, it is a way of living that is a sign of God’s presence in our world. 

Our Mission 

Our primary mission is education of the faith and reaching out to the poor with compassion.

“To make Jesus Christ known and loved everywhere!”  Marie Rivier


Marie_RivierOur charism forms the framework of the “Temple where both Mary and Jesus were presented and where both offered themselves to God”.   The temple is composed of three main portals:  spirituality, community life and mission.

Following the example of the Blessed Virgin Mary,
presenting herself in the temple,
we are called to live
in a spirit of adoration and self-offering
and to participate in the teaching mission of the Church
by the Christian Education of youth.

The compassion of Jesus impels us
to be deeply attentive to the needs and distresses
of the people of our time
.   Rule of Life

“We are truly the daughters of Mary called as she was to the service of God in the Temple which she herself opened to us.”  Marie Rivier