Mother Maria dos Anjos Alves,
General Superior

Building God`s Kingdom by being a Servant of God!

Jesus is the model for Christian leader’s. What is revealed in his teachings and his life speaks to all believers who serve as leader’s; it shapes the way in which they understand their roles and act as people who can transform the world. In Jesus they see the focus, characteristics and behavior that are needed to build God`s kingdom. In any Religious congregation, the leader is above all the servant of others. It is an impossible responsibility unless they realize that this is not their work, but God’s.

Authority in our Congregation is essentially spiritual. At the Presentation of Mary, the “top” leadership is the General Chapter. A General Chapter is a meeting of Sisters whose main purpose is to elect a General Superior and deal with questions of interest to the whole Congregation. The General Chapters occur every six years. The next General chapter will be held in the year 2023.

Our Superior General, Mother Maria dos Anjos Alves, has authority over all the provinces, regions and missions of our Congregation. Her role is to keep the Congregation strongly united in a dynamic faithfulness to the charism of our foundation. She is the visible bond of the very diverse parts of the Congregation, the sign of the gathering of its members in one large family, that of Mother Rivier (Rule of Life – C155).

(from left to right) Sr. Marie Mberry Diatta of the Province of Senegal, Sr. Jane Wilkinson of the Province of France, Sr. Teresa Carolina de Carvalho of the Province of Mozambique, Assistant Superior General, Mother Maria dos Anjos Alves of the Province of Portugal, Superior General, Sr. Michelle Kujabi of the Region of the Gambia, Sr. Danielle Duplessis of the Province of Quebec, Sr. Gina Mae Campugan of the Province of the Philippines.



The whole Congregation is divided into provinces and regions, each having its own superior. Our Provincial Superior for the Prince Albert province is S. Mary Woodward. She is responsible for the unity and fidelity to the spirit of our Foundress Saint Marie Rivier, and to its mission in the Church. S. Mary also works with a team called the Provincial Council, S. Viviane Gareau (our Provincial Assistant), S. Lucie Hamel, S. RéAnne Létourneau and S. Chantelle Bonk.

Thank-you for your generous service to our congregation, our church and our world. You are making a difference in so many people’s lives. May God continue to bless you and may the Holy Spirit continue to inspire your leadership.