Who are we: We are baptized lay persons who have chosen to live our call to holiness with the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary. As part of the same spiritual family, The Marie Rivier Family, we let ourselves be inspired by this woman whose faith and love were outstanding. Her unshakable trust and her outstanding audacity invite us to do today what she did in her time: led by Mary, to make Jesus Christ known and loved by our whole life!!

An invitation

  • You want to know more about the beauty of your Baptism and how to live its demands more concretely?
  • You wish to deepen your faith with other persons who, like you, want to develop their intimacy with Jesus Christ?
  • You feel called to use your talents to serve others?
  • You would like to transmit the Christian values you hold dear to your family and to your work place and your leisure place?
  • You want to do something so that, wherever you are, our world would be more open to God, more peaceful and fraternal?
  • You also want to get involved in some way to help less fortunate persons in your country or elsewhere be recognized and treated with more justice and dignity?

Therefore, we invite you to join us.

Contact: Sr. Rose Marie Sanche

Phone: 306-961-6184

E-mail: rmarpm@yahoo.com

« Together », we will do what we can to build a more ‘alive’ Church and a world that is more humane. “Together“, we will give Marie Rivier the 1000 lives she would have liked to have to bring the fire of the Love in the Heart of God to the ends of the earth!

This « Rivier color » is the result of the rich blend of the two Mysteries which molded her fiery apostle’s heart: the Mystery of the Presentation – mystery of gift; and mystery of the Pieta – mystery of compassion.

Our vocation, she would say, is Jesus Christ!

Marie Rivier

“As long as there is a corner of the world where Jesus Christ is not known and loved, we cannot rest…”

Blessed Marie Rivier