Works of compassion and the ministry of healing have a legacy in the charism and mission of the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary since the days of Mother Rivier herself.  Today, this ministry continues in Sisters who work as nurses, chaplains and those who care for our own elderly and sick Sisters. As Mary cradled the body of her dead Son in her arms, our Sisters uphold those suffering in mind, body and spirit.

For those who continue this ministry of healing and compassion today, inspiration, zeal and empathy continue to spring from the source of the Pieta, the image of Mary, a woman both suffering and yet caring and gentle, as she cradles her Son’s Body.

Sr. Cindy Lewans, Spiritual Care Provider
Ministering in Long-Term Care

Sr. April Mireau, RN
Nursing in Palliative Home Care

Sr. Evelyn Nedlec, RN
Nursing in Long-Term Care