Apostolic Life

As Sisters of the Presentation of Mary, our primary mission is education of the faith. Throughout our history, we have worked with constant zeal to make Jesus know and loved in varied ways, with a special predilection for the youth and the poor. Here are examples of ways that we are striving to reach out through our words, our actions, and our presence. 

Living the vocation of praise and intercession!

A year ago, in mid-December, the Presentation of Mary Infirmary was moved to 3101-3rd Avenue East. Our elderly and ill Sisters adjusted very well considering the change in space from one home to the other. The fact that some of these women had spent most of their life in the same house could have…

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Spiritual Direction


“Show me the way in which I should walk” Ps 143:8 

Do you desire a companion for the spiritual journey? 

The ministry of spiritual direction is one of reverent and compassionate listening.  In conversation with a spiritual guide you will: 

- Grow in self-knowledge,

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Prison Ministry

Sister RéAnne Letourneau is a volunteer with "Friends on the Outside" (FOTO). FOTO is a volunteer group whose mission is to journey with inmates and ex-inmates so that they can encounter a God of love, mercy and forgiveness, enabling them thus to take responsibility for their actions and to live in…

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Parish and Pastoral Ministry

Since Vatican II, and the document on the place of the laity in the Church, a growing number of lay persons have been given the mission of pastoral assistants, especially in parishes where there were no priests. To answer to the needs of our world, many sisters dedicate their talents and lives to…

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Missionaries in other Countries

S. Cecile Lanovaz in classroom,
The Gambia, Africa 

Some of the sisters in our province have lived and served in many countries as the Lord called them to “be with” the people of these nations.    They have given the best of themselves to educate and build faith…

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