Apostolic Life

As Sisters of the Presentation of Mary, our primary mission is education of the faith. Throughout our history, we have worked with constant zeal to make Jesus know and loved in varied ways, with a special predilection for the youth and the poor. Here are examples of ways that we are striving to reach out through our words, our actions, and our presence. 

First Nations Ministry

Ministry of Presence and Compassion with First Nations’ People

Our sisters minister in 3 different areas:  North Battleford  (Sisters Raymonde Arcand and Rita Bisson), Whitefish (Sisters Anita Verley and Diane Lajeunesse) and Regina (Sister RéAnne Létourneau).

Marie Rivier’s just like…

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Prayer Ministry

The service of adoration and prayer is a great gift to our religious congregation, the Church and our world.  Our elderly sisters in our infirmaries around the world pray as they offer themselves in their illness & limitations. The Liturgy of the Hours, the Rosary, the Eucharist, daily…

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Our Primary Mission - Education of the Faith

Marie Rivier had a dream: “let us get together and teach school”.  As young women gathered around her, her dream took shape: schools were opened, children came, and the mission to make Jesus Christ known and loved was fulfilled.

Now, 200 years later we, the Sisters of the Presentation, still…

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