Apostolic Life

As Sisters of the Presentation of Mary, our primary mission is education of the faith. Throughout our history, we have worked with constant zeal to make Jesus know and loved in varied ways, with a special predilection for the youth and the poor. Here are examples of ways that we are striving to reach out through our words, our actions, and our presence. 

Missionaries in other Countries

S. Cecile Lanovaz in classroom,
The Gambia, Africa 

Some of the sisters in our province have lived and served in many countries as the Lord called them to “be with” the people of these nations.    They have given the best of themselves to educate and build faith…

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Marion Aquatics – Pool Schedule / Registration

Marion Aquatics offers educational and fun swimming programs for all ages and levels of ability from infants to elderly. These programs include: Red Cross swimming lessons, parent and todler swim, aquacise, lane swim, and family swim.



Summer Registration: June 19-20th, 2018 from…

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Marion Aquatics Pool







The mission of Marion Aquatics Pool is to promote swimming programs structured to provide a learning atmosphere of fun and enjoyment.  We recognize the potential of each individual and patrons are treated with respect.  The staff members take…

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Ministry of Presence to Immigrants and Refugees

"My heart is filled with Mother Rivier's zeal whenever I have the privilege to minister to our refugees."

    S. Mariette Bilodeau

Some of our sisters work as advocates for the immigrants and refugees who have just arrived in Canada. By being open to the people’s culture and…

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Healing Soul Pain

Marie Rivier, just like Jesus Christ, had a heart full of love and compassion, and throughout her life she shared this fullness with the people of her time. Her lively faith gave rise to a tender and respectful love of the suffering. This woman, passionate for Jesus Christ, wished she had a…

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