Marie Rivier, just like Jesus Christ, had a heart full of love and compassion, and throughout her life she shared this fullness with the people of her time. Her lively faith gave rise to a tender and respectful love of the suffering. This woman, passionate for Jesus Christ, wished she had a thousand lives to make Him known everywhere, and to bring relief to everyone in distress. As daughters of Marie Rivier we also want to bring relief to those who are suffering by offering the following process. 

Walking the path  to wholeness Sessions

Healing_Soul_Pain_Materials_display_smDifficult and traumatic life events leave us feeling broken and incomplete often described as “soul pain” We keep searching and longing for deep inner healing which we know is required to live a happier and more peaceful life.

This model for healing soul pain, developed by Dr. Jane Simington, provides an excellent format for healing.  It portrays that soul healing is possible, that rapid transformation follows, and that the effects are lasting. Participants rediscover joy, peace, and confidence, etc. The sessions are built upon a spiritual framework and help to heal beyond grief and trauma. The helping and healing methods bring balance and wholeness to every aspect of humaneness.

These group sessions (with a maximum of 10 participants) will assist the person in opening up to the healing light of the Creator/God.  These are presented in five separate sessions of approximately five hours each. Guided activities and meditations will support the individual in healing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual manifestations of trauma and grief.

The methods are informative, fun, experiential and healing. The sessions will help the individual  release and heal difficult emotions; cut negative attachments  which keep us tied to others` or institutions` negative energy; reclaim joy and peace.  They help create awareness and teach helpful skills to continue on the healing journey.

RaymondeRita_with_boxes_smFor more information contact:

Sisters Raymonde Arcand and Rita Bisson (certified facilitators)  

Phone: 306-445-2805

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