Marion Aquatics Pool



The mission of Marion Aquatics Pool is to promote swimming programs structured to provide a learning atmosphere of fun and enjoyment. We recognize the potential of each individual and patrons are treated with respect. The staff members take personal pride in their work providing a vital contribution to the physical and mental wellness of all our patrons.

By doing so, we participate in the mission of our Congregation, “To make Jesus Christ known and loved” as we encourage our teenage instructors to develop to their full potential. We reach a large population from infants to seniors: by providing an attractive and clean facility they feel respected and appreciated.



We often have the opportunity to listen to many adults or teenagers who need to share a personal problem or concern. We could say that we try to develop their faith: faith in themselves, faith in God even if religion is not mentioned as all the denominations are accepted and treated equally. We try to teach them to be good Christians through examples of kindness, understanding and love. We believe that we are realizing Mother Rivier’s dream of reaching out to all children and all people who come through our doors as well as to the staff who serve at Marion Aquatics.

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