S. Cecile Lanovaz in classroom,
The Gambia, Africa 

Some of the sisters in our province have lived and served in many countries as the Lord called them to “be with” the people of these nations.    They have given the best of themselves to educate and build faith communities, so individuals and communities can be set free from corruption, oppression and injustices.   By the presence of the sisters, the people have gained dignity and respect for humanity and many have come to know and love God even in countries where there are very few Christians. 

The sisters have sacrificed their own comforts of living “at home” in Canada by trying to acculturate to the harsh living conditions in developing countries.  And yet, they are filled with joy while doing it because when they return home for a visit, our missionary sisters often speak of the joy, generosity and community spirit of the indigenous people.  It is obvious from their stories and incredible experiences that they have come to love the people, the country and the indigenous PM Sisters.    Our missionary sisters have witnessed true love as they have chosen to die to their own needs, so others can live a joyful, faith filled life.   We are very grateful for these sisters who have responded to their inner calling to serve God’s people in foreign lands. 


S. Hilda Simard with novices, Peru