Some of the sisters in our province have lived and served in different countries as the Lord called them to “be with” the people of these nations. They have given the best of themselves to educate and build faith communities, and help individuals and communities be set free from corruption, oppression and injustices.  By the presence of the Sisters who respect the dignity and uniqueness of each person, many have come to know and love God even in countries where there are very few Christians. Our Sisters who remain in Saskatchewan have participated in supporting our Sisters abroad through fund raising and awareness campaigns.


School built by our Sisters on a remote mountain
top of Humanga, Ayacucho, Peru, where our
Sisters built the first school in the area, accessible to the locals.



Sr. Hilda Simard – Missionary in Peru


Sr. Cecile Lanovaz – Missionary in Gambia


Also, our Sisters in Saskatchewan helped raise funds to build our orphanage in the Philippines.