Since Vatican II, and the document on the place of the laity in the Church, a growing number of lay persons have been given the mission of pastoral assistants, especially in parishes where there were no priests. To answer to the needs of our world, many sisters dedicate their talents and lives to serving God’s people in this setting.

Because pastoral ministry is very much relational, we walk “with” God’s people and shepherd them.   We strive to build community, to listen, to get to know parishioners, to call forth and match their gifts with the needs that are begging to be met. 

To contribute to these goals, we establish faith sharing groups; prepare children and adults for the sacraments, RCIA and RCIC.  One of the most important aspects of parish ministry is the spiritual care to the sick and dying; we journey with the dying and their families; prepare prayer vigils and funerals and offer grief and prayer ministry.   Liturgy is a great teacher and can be the occasion for deep spiritual growth.

Administrational skills are a great asset to a parish and a well appreciated quality in this service/ministry.  The work can be intensive but always very rewarding, very life-giving.

S._Esther_2_sm S._Gertrude_Gareau_sm

"Sharing the Word of God and bringing the Eucharist to the Seniors of the Pineview Lodge gives us joy as we strive to make Christ known and loved."

S.Esther Nogier, S.Murielle Savard,
S. Evelyn Corbeil

“Truly, the parish is the ‘local heart of the Church’; it is from the parish that Christ’s love is radiated throughout the world.”
  S. Gertrude Gareau

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S. Raymonde Ouellette is giving communion at the celebration of the Sacraments of Initiation at St. Bernadette Church of One Arrow Reserve, SK.

"I enjoy making Jesus Christ known through my presence and work in Sacred Heart Parish: sacramental preparation classes, RCIA sessions, forming leaders for children's liturgy, listening and worshipping with the people."
S. Zelie Dion