Prayer is the source of all true evangelization,

and “therefore, we give prayer its full measure in our life.”
(Rule of Life C 50).

The service of adoration and prayer is a great gift to our religious congregation, the Church and our world. Our elderly sisters in our infirmaries around the world pray as they offer themselves in their illness & limitations. The Liturgy of the Hours, the Rosary, the Eucharist, daily contemplation of the Word of God and Eucharistic adoration are offered by our sisters for the needs of the world. They are often solicited to bring to the Lord intentions from many people in need. Each sister in our infirmary is a ‘Moses’ with hands and hearts raised to God in constant prayer for the needs of our religious congregation, the Church & our world.

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Qu’Appelle House of Prayer

My ministry is at the Qu’Appelle House of Prayer, located in the beautiful Qu’Appelle Valley in Southern Saskatchewan. Our mission and my ministry here is twofold. The core community here is committed to both prayer and to a lifestyle which fosters prayer; namely solitude, silence, simplicity and hospitality. Secondly, Qu’Appelle house of Prayer is both a “place” and a “school” of prayer; it provides a place for people to come and offers selected services such as spiritual direction, guided reading, and reflective study

Qu’Appelle House of Prayer is under the sponsorship of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate and in collaboration with several other religious communities, organizations and supportive individuals.  Qu’Appelle House of Prayer is coordinated by an Oblate priest, Glenn M. Zimmer, I, Sr. Chantelle Bonk as well as other Associates and volunteers who assist in a variety of ways.

My ministry is varied and wide reaching. Presence to the Qu’Appelle House of Prayer Core Community, availability for spiritual accompaniment for guests as required, preparation and leading prayer and worship services are among some of my tasks.  Besides this, I also assist with coordinating the volunteers who come and provide their services, and assist in many ongoing functions required of a facility that regularly receives outside guests and day to day life of the house.

  We have quite a large property, and I also work at the maintenance of the property which includes outdoor work (large garden and flowerbeds).  These are some of the many tasks and services that I help fulfill. It takes much prayer and work to create an atmosphere which welcomes guests among us as our extended family, hospitality is a trademark of this ministry. What has always touched my heart most deeply is that this place provides a safe place and home to such a great number of people with many different backgrounds, some of whom do not feel at home in a mainline faith communities.  Here they find acceptance, deep inner healing and a God of love.

Our beautiful surroundings, the deer, birds, coyotes, foxes, the trees, the beautiful valley and lakes, are an integral part of our community, we all work together to create a container which holds the pain, joy, and hope of all who come here.  It is a gift for me to be a part of this amazing ministry, I am very grateful!  Peace.