Our foundress, Marie Rivier, had a dream: “let us get together and teach school”.  As young women gathered around her, her dream took shape: schools were opened, children came, and the mission to make Jesus Christ known and loved was fulfilled.

Since 1903, with the arrival of the Sisters in Duck Lake, Saskatchewan, numerous sisters have ministered in the schools and have enriched the education of our province. (Read more about our history of education in Western Canada). Now, over 225 years later we, the Sisters of the Presentation, still carry that mission and strive to fulfill her dream by teaching all people to whom we are sent (young and old) to come to know and love Jesus Christ and his Mother Mary.

Sacramental Preparation

Today, much of the education of the faith happens in our outreach in parishes, youth gatherings and going to those who are not officially connected with the Church. We trust in the Lord of the harvest and go out wherever He sends us to labour in His vineyard!

Adoration and Board Games with young adults