Discernment House Photo Gallery

Are you looking to see what it is like to live in our Discernment House in Saskatoon? We have a great gallery of photos we've taken though the years. Have a look.

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What is the Discernment House?

The Discernment House is a faith-based community experience for Catholic women 19-35 year old .

The Sisters of the Presentation offer you a home away from home. As you work or study, this program offers you the opportunity to live with the sisters and other young women and to grow in your personal…

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Living with the Sisters in Regina

I chose to live with the Sisters of the Presentation on Pells Drive for my first year of university, coming out of high school. While living in residence seemed like a popular idea, there was a sense of comfort I felt, knowing I was going to be living in community with such wonderful women. And it…

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