030 croppedI chose to live with the Sisters of the Presentation on Pells Drive for my first year of university, coming out of high school. While living in residence seemed like a popular idea, there was a sense of comfort I felt, knowing I was going to be living in community with such wonderful women. And it was about as comfortable as a university student could get! Home cooked meals every night, late night conversations over tea, Rider games in the basement, and that true feeling of living at “home” was what made living with the Sisters such an incredible experience. I have so many fond memories of each of the Sisters I lived with, and their joy extended to every corner of the house!

I believe many people who were familiar with the Discernment House in Saskatoon expected the house on Pells Drive to be organized the same way. However, there was never any pressure for spiritual direction, mass, prayers, adoration and the discernment process, although we were, of course welcome to participate at any time.

I’ll always remember the house on Pells Drive to be warm and inviting to ANYONE who visited! I have nothing but positive memories and unique experiences from living with the Sisters. The house, and the many people who lived there and were welcomed into it over the years will always have a special place in my heart!

-Kayla Fraiser

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