A Faith Community Experience


Since 1986, the Discernment House in Saskatoon, SK endeavors to be faithful to the charism and mission of its foundress Marie Rivier.  Young women have been welcomed to share a live-in community experience with the sisters. 

2014-15 group

Are you feeling called to live in a faith-based community?  Come and live with the Sisters at the Discernment House to deepen and share your Christian faith.  Your faith will be strengthened by participating in the daily Eucharist, the Liturgy of the Hours, weekly adoration and sharing the Word of God and your faith with your community members. Spiritual Direction is offered as an important component of the Discernment House.

This is a faith community experience (sharing our lives together), prayer, develop lifelong friendships and grow in your relationship with God while living with other young women and sisters...  The Discernment House calls each one of its community members to be hospitable and merciful as we share our "family spirit" with one another. We strive to be a light that radiates God's love to each other and to all who walk through our doors.

"Come and you will see. So they went and stayed with him." John 1,39

Spiritual Accompaniment during your stay at the Discernment House...


"Show me the way in which I should walk" Ps 143:8

The ministry of spiritual accompaniment is one of reverent and compassionate listening.

In conversation with a sister you have the opportunity to:

  1. Explore new ways of praying
  2. Grow in self-knowledge and develop a deeper relationship with God.

Develop your capacity for discernment: the art and gift of recognizing the movement of God in your life and responding to it.

100_3184We invite you come and live in our faith community at the Discernment house in Saskatoon, SK.



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More about Discernment

Discernment is the prayerful process of coming to know how God is calling you to live your life. The process of working out where you are called is named "discernment." The word discernment comes from the Latin word "discernere" which means to distinguish, to sift out, and to separate what may be from God, what may come from personal interests or cultural pressures. The primary task of discernment is to sort out all your impulses, attractions, fantasies and desires.

Discernment is a process of listening to the inner movements and learning to sift out what is from God and what is not from God. Discernment is a lifelong task. As Catholic Christians who live in union with Christ, we want to respond freely to the Spirit so as to become the person God has called us to be.