scan0001Since 1986, the Discernment House in Saskatoon, SK endeavors to be faithful to the charism and mission of its foundress Marie Rivier.  Young women have been welcomed to share a live-in community faith experience with the sisters.  Living a faith community experience means sharing their lives together, praying, developing friendships and growing in their relationship with God.  The Discernment House calls each one of its community members to be hospitable, merciful and a participant in creating a "family spirit" with one another. 

The community members faith is strengthened by participating in the daily Eucharist, the Liturgy of the Hours, weekly adoration and sharing the Word of God with each other.  Spiritual Direction is an important component of the Discernment House. Discernment weekends are also offered throughout the year to young adults, so they can delve into their personal history, renew or begin their relationship with Christ.

Sr. Pauline Sevigny and Sr. Lise Paquette founded the D-house program and they were given the task to invite young women to "Come and See".   Sr. Pauline writes, "As I had been a teacher for many years, I realized how difficult it was for young people to choose a way of life amid all the possible choices. I envisioned a Discernment process adapted to their needs and culture, a process that would serve both the Church and hopefully our Congregation."

We have come a long way since the
in 1986.


This program continues to help young adults to believe that God loves them, therefore aiding them to experience freedom and joy in their lives and a great desire to share this "Good news" with others.  It enables them to make life giving choices and brings fulfillment in their lives, as they come to know and trust themselves and God.  S. Lise Paquette expresses, "It has been a beautiful experience to live, journey and work with hundreds of young adults who come to our house. Many have married, some have joined religious communities and some have gone to the seminary."   We strive to be a beacon of light that radiates God's love to each other and to all who walk through our doors.

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