Presentation of Mary Feast Day

November 21, 2020


Today on this special feast day, with our associates and friends, let us celebrate Mary in the temple, praising God for Mary consecrating herself to God. 

Let us reflect on the mystery of Mary who from her early days, responded to the Lord's invitation of…

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Presentation of Mary Novena

Download the Novena here : French and English

All Saints Day November 1

People of all cultures and races have honored, remembered the deceased members of families, communities in various ways and at various time of the year.

On November 1, as Christians, we celebrate and honor all the saints from Christian history.    The Book of Common Prayer in…

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Remembering Our Beloved Sisters

The month of November is recognized as the month of the dead.              


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Mission Sunday - October 18, 2020

In 2021, we, the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary will be celebrating 225 years of the Foundation of our Congregation.  We would like to wish a continued love of our Charism and Mission to each Sister of the Congregation who are living in Canada, Italy, the Gambia, Sénégal, Cameroun,…

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