Today is a day of jubilee, a day of thanksgiving.


On June 30th, 2019, the Sisters of The Presentation of Mary of Prince Albert gathered to rejoice and give thanks. Our hearts were filled with gratitude for the 50 years of fidelity of Sister Lucie Hamel who celebrated her golden…

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July 1, 2019 --- HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CANADA!


O Canada …..God keep our land Glorious and free

This year we celebrate Canada’s 152nd birthday and the singing of our national anthem has a very special meaning. Sung in French and English and in a bilingual version it is a reminder that we form a country with a great history.

On July 1,…

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On Friday, May 24th 2019, we had the joy of celebrating the 60thanniversary of three of our sisters’ religious life: Sister Suzanne Papen, Sister Estelle Lavigne and Sister Evelyn Corbeil.  After sharing a delightful meal with the community, and in a joyful spirit, a PowerPoint was then…

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2019 June 23 - Corpus Christi (Body of Christ)

My childhood memories include a Sunday in late May or June when there was a Procession of the Blessed Sacrament from the Cathedral through the streets to a repository nearby (e.g. the Bishop’s Palace, the front entrance of the Convent.).  Hymns were sung, prayers were recited while little…

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“The Heart of Jesus, the human Heart of God made man, is set on fire by the “living flame” of the Love of the Trinity which is never extinguished.    St.  John Paul II


Jesus’ Death, Resurrection and Ascension, and the Descent of Holy Spirit: this wonderful series of…

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