Our Lady of SmilesOUR LADY OF SMILES is a painted wooden statue dating from Roman times.  Mary has a grave and severe expression.  It belonged to a poor girl of Montpezat who lent it to Marie Rivier and eventually gave it to the Sisters of the Presentation.  Marie Rivier placed it in her classroom, often praying before it.  Marie Rivier’s dream was to found a convent; she had the students pray fervently, watching the Virgin’s face for a smile.  The Virgin did smile – everyone saw the smile at the same time – and Marie Rivier knew that this was a sign from Mary approving her project.  The Virgin smiled several times as well when Marie Rivier prayed with the students for other favors.

In Mother Rivier’s time, there was no Child Jesus in Mary’s lap – there evidently had been once upon a time.  The child Jesus was lost! In 1982, the statue was restored, the cloth robe she was wearing was removed, and the statue was painted in colors similar to how it may have been originally.  The Child Jesus was reproduced as it may have been so long ago and placed in Mary’s lap.  The work is now completed!

Blessed Virgin Mary, smile on our dreams.  May we have the faith and hope to make them come true!

Our Lady of Smiles, pray for us.