thumb_100_2498_sm640The sisters of the Presentation of Mary and the women living at the discernment house invited families April 27th, 2011 for a wiener and marshmallow roast in the backyard.  Sixty-five people arrived for supper and the rain, thunder and lightning did not dampen the party for everyone hustled inside to find shelter and to finish their supper.  Then, the parents went home and twenty-two boys and girls aged five to fourteen stayed for an evening of PRAYER, Hide & Seek, Movie and a SLEEPOVER.   

The highlight for most of the kids was the game Hide & Seek in the Sisters big house as there were so many nooks and crannies to hide.  The night was short and not a lot of sleep was had, but the kids were ready to run around the backyard for a scavenger hunt early the next morning after breakfast.  The parents returned before lunch to pick up their children and to watch them perform a drama on the life of Marie Rivier.  It was so good to bring the families together in our home.  Thanks to all our generous volunteers who helped to make this event special and meaningful for all who participated.