pope-benedict-xviThe resignation of Pope Benedict XVI sent shockwaves across the world, on February 11, 2013.  With the help of television, I saw him leave the Vatican by helicopter, on February 28th, heading for Castel Gandolfo, where he will be staying for a couple of months. I accompany him with my appreciation, my prayers and best wishes. This is a historical moment in the Church.
For Benedict XVI, as a man of faith, evangelization was important for him to bring the Good News to the world. As Jesus said, "Go forth and teach all nations". (Mt 28, 19) He could not travel anymore because of his age and declining strength, he decided to retire, reflect and pray for the common good of the Church.
I wish to say to the Holy Father as he steps down:
Thank you for shepherding us with such humility and dignity. Thank you for telling us to put Christ at the centre of our lives. Thank you for all your spiritual writings, and for helping us in rediscovering the beauty of traditional liturgy. Thank you for spending the rest of your days praying for us and for the Church. I will keep praying for you who have been a blessing for the Church.
May God bless you.
S.Esther Nogier