group picJUNE 29 2017, PRINCE ALBERT, SASK.

Seven young women, the final graduating class of Blessed Marie Rivier Catholic School (formerly Rivier Academy) bid farewell to their Alma Mater. The afternoon ceremony for the graduates began in chapel. At the organ, Ericka Rybinski played the processional entrance for the graduates as they marched in. The Eucharist was celebrated by Bishop Albert Thevenot M.A. of Prince Albert. The theme of the mass was, ‘’you are the salt and the light of the earth’’.

During this celebration the students prayed for their parents and for the Blessed Marie Rivier school staff who were part of their growth during these past six years of schooling. They also thanked their friends and the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary who supported them. They wished them to continue to open their hearts to God’s Word as they serve others.

In his homily, the bishop pointed out that just as salt gives flavor to food, we need that seasoning of God in our lives. He urged us to bring that salt to the people all around us. We are called to be ‘salt shakers’ in our lives. We are also asked to bring light to others and warmth to those who suffer, alone and to be that presence. Let your light shine for all to see!

After communion a liturgical dance was performed by some high school students including four graduates. A recession song, ‘Go Light Your World’ was sung by Lauren Lohneis.

Following the Mass, the graduates marched to the auditorium where the Graduation Exercises were held. Tassels on their caps were moved from one side to the other as they received their Diplomas. Following this some ‘Academic and Special’ awards were presented to them. Some members of the school board addressed some encouraging words to the graduates. Drew Ikert, who received the Governor General Medal, gave the Valedictory speech. She said, “It was great to be at Rivier School, it gave us the opportunity to grow in all ways of life.” She then urged her fellow graduates to follow their dreams and find success wherever they went. The final address was given by the principal, Robert Tessier. He invited the graduates to remember the power of prayer and to continue to carry the light of Marie Rivier, trusting that in whatever trials they may face they would remember that their teachers will be praying for them wherever they might be.

To wrap up this day a final banquet and dance were held in honor of the graduates.

We would like to wish all the graduates a successful life ahead of them.
May the Lord continue to be your guide as you face the challenges of the next chapters in your life.
Congratulations and best wishes for your next adventure!