Sr._Lise_Paquette_ProvincialSuperior_Sisters_of_the_Presentation_of_MaryPrayers, laughter, and congratulatory speeches were exchanged to kick off the 125th anniversary of the Prince Albert Roman Catholic Separate School Division No. 6.

On March 19th, 2012 at St. Mary's High School, hundreds of people gathered to celebrate the momentous occasion with music, dinner, friends and a few memories of the past. The main lobby was packed with individuals of all walks of life from past students, to current teachers, to honored guests.

Some special guests in attendance included Mayor Jim Scarrow, Bishop Albert Thevenot, Sister Lise Paquette, Provincial Superior of the Sisters of Presentation and Tom Fortosky, president of the Saskatchewan Catholic School Board's Association.Father_Ivan_Mayor_JimScarrow

Lorel Trumier, Director of the Catholic Schools, thanked all who have faithfully contributed to the Catholic Education over the years. "Catholic Education is going strong", she said, there will be celebrations all year long to mark this momentous achievement.

In her address, Sister Lise referred to the Gospel of John, "Unless a grain of what falls to the ground and dies, it remains just a grain of wheat; but if it dies, it produces much fruit." (Jn12:24) She proceeded to speak specifically about the contribution of the Religious women and men to education in our Catholic Schools.Lorel_Trumier_director_ofeducation

In 1879, Father Alexis Andre, Oblate, established the first Catholic Mission and opened the first Catholic School in 1883.

In 1887 the Prince Albert Roman Catholic Separate School Division No. 6 was formed. This is the oldest School Division in the Province of Saskatchewan.

The Faithful Companions were the first Sisters to arrive in Prince Albert, and then came the Daughters of Providence in 1897. Other Congregations came to P.A. such as, The Sisters of Presentation, The Sisters of Child Jesus, The Servants of Mary Immaculate, and the Sisters of Charity from St. John, N.B.

St. Patrick's Orphanage was opened in 1900. The Sisters of Presentation arrived in Saskatchewan in 1903 then came to teach in the Schools of Prince Albert in 1925. They took over the Convent of the Sisters' of Sion in 1951. The Sisters of Presentation replaced the old Sion Convent by the present building in 1962.

This was a land of immigrants, of many poor people. Education both in French and in English, gave the people a voice, a way out of their poverty.

Countless Religious women and men came to: build a Catholic Community, to evangelize, preach and teach God's Word, to worship as an assembly, to care for human needs, spiritual, psychological and physical with favor for the poor and disadvantaged.

Today, the harvest is plentiful, there may be fewer Religious women and men in the Catholic Schools but as Pope Benedict said: "Let us never forget that Religious Life is a divine gift and that it is the Lord in the first place who ensures its success in accordance with his plans."