Advent Sunday November 28, 2021

‘COME LORD JESUS, COME’ Advent is a special time before Christmas. We take this Advent period to prepare ourselves to celebrate the coming of Jesus in the mystery of the Incarnation, in anticipation of

Celebrating 225 Years

Celebrating 225 Years On this beautiful feast day of November 21st, we celebrate with fervor the Presentation of Mary at the temple.  With great joy, we also celebrate the 225th

Mary Woman of Faith

Novena, Presentation of Mary   Daily Format: Hymn:   Ave Maria (Breaking Bread 2020 # 689) By Gregory Norbert Ave Maria, gratia plena, O Holy Mary, full of grace Dominus Tecum, with you the Holy


Celebrate the feast day of all the Saints. Let the Angels rejoice in the Lord and praise the Son of God! HOLINESS IS POSSIBLE WITH GOD’S GRACE, the help of the saints,


During this time of the year when God shows his beauty in our autumn’s splendor through his changing seasons, it is a time to give thanks for his creation.  ‘’He made everything beautiful in

Celebrating Religious Life

Celebrating Sister Claudette Casavant’s Golden Jubilee On August 7Th, 2021. Hearts filled with joy, the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary gathered in Prince Albert to celebrate Sister Claudette’s 50 years of fidelity


Let’s praise and thank God for his creation entrusted to our care. Great are the works of the Lord: exquisite in all their delights .  Psalm, 111 ,v 2. (N.A.Bible)     May you experience